Monday, 2 July 2007

Britain Awaken or Die

We British are, by definition, stoical, sometimes apathetic when it comes to politics, economics and social issues, are often far too tolerant and, we have allowed politicians the liberal elite and politically correct brigade to hi-jack our country and allow unfettered immigration to gradually undermine our culture, creeds and traditions. Before the mid 1990’s immigration was, to some degree, controlled but since then it seems we have lost all control and in the order of some 600,000 a year have come here, not just from EU member nations but from Pakistan, India and some African countries. The enforced notion of multiculturalism is at the heart of many of our problems simply because we have bent over backwards to accommodate all and sundry into our small country whilst, very often, making life more difficult for the indigenous population, which is English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish; and that is not being racist, it is stating a fact. And, whether those same liberal elite and politically correct do not like it, it is becoming increasingly obvious Enoch Powell had a point.

How many other countries provide advice on a variety of issues, not least including social services and social benefit entitlements and printing that advice in a multitude of languages to accommodate those who come here, presumably, to integrate into our way of life by accepting our laws and regulations? However, by virtue of the fact we do not insist that English is the language of this country, by not insisting that everyone coming here should learn English within say 3 to 5 years, sufficient to be able to read, write and communicate, we have simply perpetuated the divisions between the various ethnic minorities and in the process have many thousands who may have been here for decades but who still have not integrated in any way.

Among those who come here and who are already here, and many from Pakistan, are those who have been radicalized by their religion/ideology or their interpretation and view of the teachings of their cult. They may be in the minority but it is a sizable minority who are doing their utmost to kill and maim British people. In the first instance the government must remove, without question and without reference to Human Rights, any and all people who preach hatred and sedition against this country and its peoples because the people of this country have human rights first and foremost. The re-introduction of the death penalty for acts of terrorism will achieve nothing because if these people are so determined to cause murder and mayhem they have already been brain-washed and will only see themselves as martyrs, so imprisoning them until the die they die should become a specific punishment for failed suicide bombers. The death penalty can be reserved for murders and paedophiles and other such scum of course. Sad thing is that there are, allegedly, some 2000 already here who hate our country, the people and our culture, creeds and traditions so, in some respects, it is already late in the day.

But we do have a choice come the elections

Stop Dithering and join/vote for the only party that will protect all decent members of our society.

There is only one way to make Britain safer.

Elect a BNP government.